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Nature’s Revenge

In an ancient experimental Greenhouse, Nature takes her Revenge! Prepare for a breathtaking immersive encounter with the beautiful aspects of mother nature, but beware of her wrath…

Nature, tired of being used, limited, and synthesized; has consumed the Greenhouse and mutated into a wrathful, horrifying freak of nature. Trees talk, plants eat people, and insects are larger than you’ve ever imagined. Tread carefully, nature’s wisdom becomes deadly when she becomes conscious! The science hungry botanist discovered that, the hard way.

If you dare to visit the Greenhouse, you may experience beauty like you’ve never seen… But is it worth your life? Think twice before journeying into NATURE’S REVENGE!

Chop Shop

In a dilapidated and shabby one-stop-shop, horrifying cannibals await! Featuring a Butcher + Repair Shop, Junkyard, and something called The Mangler; this “General Store” was booming and thriving back in the 60’s & 70’s. Somewhere down the line, this family “business” lost its way… Now, locals call it the CHOP SHOP, which no one dares to enter! If you find yourself near the Chop Shop, you should definitely run! But, it’s probably too late… These maniacal, aggressive, and smelly cannibals are not interested in negotiating. Their only concerns are to capture and prepare their next “meal”, and to ensure that their killing tools are sharp and operational. As a final word of warning: These cannibals are BRUTAL, MERCILESS, and down-right DISGUSTING! BEWARE of THE CHOP SHOP!

Nightmare Factory & Queue Line upgrade

Dr. Death and his henchmen have been working very hard on a MAJOR UPGRADE to his iconic Nightmare Factory and the queue line! Become a part of his evil plans as you’re immersed in this eerie, industrial workshop. And don’t forget to smile for your picture!

NEW additions

TONS of NEW additions and improvements throughout the experience PLUS more monsters, creatures, and villains than ever before!


Lake Hickory Haunts is not simply a haunted house, it is a haunted theme park; providing a unique experience for anyone seeking an entertaining, thrilling, scary, and fun-filled experience. At Lake Hickory Haunts, we believe in innovation, not duplication. Since 2012, our team has continuously worked more and more each year to make Lake Hickory Haunts bigger, better, scarier, and more fun each year. Beginning as the first lakeside haunted theme park in the Carolina’s, Lake Hickory Haunts and its team is consistently delivering new and never-before-seen entertainment unlike anything the haunt industry has ever seen. From the first true haunted boat ride at a haunted attraction, to 100% underground attractions, to overwater attractions; Lake Hickory Haunts and its team strives to innovate, create, and deliver the most insanely awesome haunted experience the Carolina’s has ever seen. We will continue to hold true to our motto from day one; We believe in innovation, not duplication. Visit Lake Hickory Haunts and experience the best and most unique haunted theme park the Carolina’s has to offer!


At Lake Hickory Haunts, customer satisfaction is our priority. We know that our fans and customers are the heart of our success, and no matter how successful we become; Our customers will always come first. We are dedicated to bringing each customer a safe, entertaining, and frightfully-fun experience! Our mission is that every customer leaves with a fear-filled smile! Our actors are trained to scare those who are not scared and entertain those who are scared. This is part of how we deliver a frightful, thrilling, yet fun experience! This ensures that we can bring the most desirable experience possible to each individual guest, based on their specific wants and needs. Although scaring is our goal, it is more important that we provide a memorable and enjoyable experience to our guests. If you are easily scared and are worried about being relentlessly harassed by actors to the point of misery, that will not happen at Lake Hickory Haunts. As a way to give back, we are constantly conducting giveaways, discount nights, and more, in order to show special appreciation to our customers. We also offer discounts to our veterans, police, fire, and EMS. Check out our calendar for more information about special discount! THANK YOU for your interest in Lake Hickory Haunts and as always: BE PREPARED TO BE SCARED!!


Each year, we take customer feedback into consideration and apply it to our products and services, so we can give you: the customer, everything you desire and more! To further ensure this, we have customer management representatives available at all times. If there is ever anything we can do to improve your experience during your visit, please ask to speak with customer management and we will do whatever is necessary to make you satisfied. We love to hear your feedback! If you would like to leave feedback about your experience during your visit to Lake Hickory Haunts, visit https://forms.dripreviews.com/form/5f74c107223c151ce6268a55. You (the customer) are what make Lake Hickory Haunts what it is! We will never forget the importance of our customers and fans!


Safety is key when it comes to providing an enjoyable, scary, and thrilling experience. This is why we take the necessary steps to ensure safety throughout Lake Hickory Haunts and its attractions. Our management has attended and received its Certified Haunted Attraction Operator Safety (C.H.A.O.S.) certificate. This crisis awareness and safety course further ensures our ability to provide a safe environment to each of our guests, in addition to preparing our staff to handle crisis situations in the best way possible, if they ever were to occur. Also, our management meets with its Fire Marshall and building inspector each year; collaborating and planning, ensuring that all operations are safe and exceed safety standards and regulations. We have security and safety personnel in place at all times, ready to act in case of an emergency. If there is ever an accident within any of our attractions (fire, hostile situation, panic attack, medical issue, etc.) our trained staff is prepared to take action and assist in every way necessary. Another way we ensure safety to our guests is by conducting a metal detection and security check on each customer that visits Lake Hickory Haunts. Upon your arrival, please know that the following items are not allowed inside our attractions: weapons, knives, lighters, flashlights, and glow-items. Finally, we guarantee that our scare actors are fake monsters, and not real monsters. We interview each of our employees and conduct background checks on each employee we hire. We refuse to hire any employee who has been charged with a criminal offense. In addition, we train each of our actors on the art and safety of haunted house acting. All in all, we guarantee that you are safe throughout your entire visit at Lake Hickory Haunts. You may rest assured that you can experience the thrill of being scared, while knowing you are in a safe environment that presents no true threat.