While Ryan has been the owner of Lake Hickory Haunts for 13 years, he has served as Manager, Director of Operations, Actor’s Manager, Tech & Build… pretty much everything except concessions.

“My favorite thing about Lake Hickory Haunts is seeing customers, fans, and employees having a great time and enjoying themselves!”


Lead Set Designer

Allie has been with Lake Hickory Haunts for 9 Years in management and creative roles including Actor, Actor Manager, Lead Makeup Artist, Lead Set Designer, and Lead Character Designer.

“My favorite thing is getting the opportunity to grow and expand in the field of haunting. It gave me the chance to get out of my comfort zone and try something new that I absolutely love and am truly passionate about.”


Tech & Build Team Lead

Brandon has been a part of Lake Hickory Haunts for 5 years. He holds the important role of Tech & Build Team Lead.

“My favorite thing is creating and building immersive sets and then seeing all the hard work pay off as the customers go through with excitement/ being terrified.”


Tech & Build Team

Cody has been a team member with us for 4 years now. During his time here, he has been an Actor and is currently part of the Tech & Build Team.


Customer Service Manager

Gwyn has been with us for 11 years serving in Security and Customer Service.

“My favorite thing about working here is interacting with all the wonderful customers before and after their visit to Lake Hickory Attractions.”


Social Media & Hiring Manager

Mikyla has been a team member at Lake Hickory Haunts for 5 years, serving many roles, such as: Actor, Assistant Attraction Leader, Social Media Manager, Hiring Manager, and Costume Management.

“My favorite thing about working at LHH is getting to challenge my creativity and evolve along with everyone else and the attractions themselves.”


Box Office Manager

Morgan has been with Lake Hickory Haunts for 9 years serving as Ticket Booth Manager and currently as Director of Sales.

“My favorite thing about working at Lake Hickory Haunts is getting to see the customers leave with a smile on their face, knowing they were screaming for their lives just moments earlier!”


Monster Mart Manager

This year will be Susan’s 8th year with us. She has held roles such as Upper Midway Manager and Monster Mart Manager.

“I love interacting with the customers, especially when they ask questions about the haunt attractions! I’ll respond with answers like, “Our clowns make Pennywise look like a little girl.” Or, I’ll ask if they can run with the shoes they have on! Some of the looks and responses I get are hilarious!”


Queue Line Manager

Taylor has been with Lake Hickory Haunts for 5 years, serving multiple roles, such as Queue Line Manager, Actor, and more.

“Seeing people come running and screaming out of the trail makes the prep and work so worth it. I also love working with such a diverse group of people whose one goal is to create the best experience for our customers.”