Come Experience Chop Shop at Lake Hickory Haunts

Horrifying cannibals await!

This Family “Business” Lost its Way!

In a dilapidated and shabby one-stop-shop, horrifying cannibals await! Featuring a Butcher + Repair Shop, Junkyard, and something called The Mangler; this “General Store” was booming and thriving back in the 60’s & 70’s. Somewhere down the line, this family “business” lost its way… Now, locals call it the CHOP SHOP, which no one dares to enter! If you find yourself near the Chop Shop, you should definitely run! 

It’s Probably Too Late…

These maniacal, aggressive, and smelly cannibals are not interested in negotiating. Their only concerns are to capture and prepare their next “meal”, and to ensure that their killing tools are sharp and operational. As a final word of warning: These cannibals are BRUTAL, MERCILESS, and down-right DISGUSTING! BEWARE of THE CHOP SHOP!