Come Experience Descent at Lake Hickory Haunts

A Thrilling Underground Cave Horror Adventure

Caves Full of Secrets!

Hidden behind a filthy sewer, an underground cave contains many secrets, treasures, and horrors! Within Descent, victims encounter awe-inspiring water caverns, rock formation caves, darkness, and much more. As you descend into Descent, you will quickly realize you’re making your way into a legitimate *underground* cave system. Soon after, you realize that the horrid sewer was in front of the cave system for a reason; To hide the cave systems from human contact!

Can You Escape the Caves?

Upon first sight, the caverns and caves are wondrously beautiful to gaze upon. However, further exploration reveals that the horrors and predators lurking throughout the depths of Descent are far worse! Prepare to explore the depths of the beautifully treacherous cave systems within Descent! If you see any creatures lurking throughout the caverns, stay silent and get away! Oh, and if there are any cave collapses… Descent will be your grave.

Descent is truly an underground attraction. When used, the words “cave” and “underground” should be interpreted literally. If you have a legitimate unmanageable phobia of being underground or of cave systems, please see a Lake Hickory Haunts customer management representative so we may assist you in bypassing this attraction.