Come Experience Nature’s Revenge at Lake Hickory Haunts

Feel the wrath of Mother Nature!

Beware of Her Wrath…

In an ancient experimental Greenhouse, Nature takes her Revenge! Prepare for a breathtaking immersive encounter with the beautiful aspects of mother nature, but beware of her wrath…

Is it Worth Your Life?

Nature, tired of being used, limited, and synthesized; has consumed the Greenhouse and mutated into a wrathful, horrifying freak of nature. Trees talk, plants eat people, and insects are larger than you’ve ever imagined. Tread carefully, nature’s wisdom becomes deadly when she becomes conscious! The science-hungry botanist discovered that, the hard way.

If you dare to visit the Greenhouse, you may experience beauty like you’ve never seen… But is it worth your life? Think twice before journeying into NATURE’S REVENGE!