Come Experience Shipwrecked 2.0 at Lake Hickory Haunts

An Exciting Adventure at Sea

Stormy Secrets at Sea

On a dark and stormy night many years ago, a crew of pirates were sailing near the shores of Lake Hickory Haunts. As the pirates approached the shore, the storm intensified, until suddenly, a massive Kraken erupted out of the water, devouring the entire crew of pirates, and demolishing their ship! Afterward, the storm ceased, and the waters were calm. Until one night, many months later, a massive cyclone formed in the water! Suddenly, a ghastly pirate ship sailed out of the cyclone, full of the same crew of pirates… except now, they were soulless, ghostly versions of their former selves.

Escape from the Vengeful Crew

Now, this crew of vicious and undead pirates has laid claim to a part of Lake Hickory Haunts. Out for vengeance, they will destroy, loot, and lay claim to anything or anyone they see! Beware, these pirates are not to be bartered with! Can you survive Shipwrecked 2.0, or will you be made to walk the plank and suffer an eternity of pain?