Welcome to the spine-tingling world of Lake Hickory Haunts, where fear and excitement intertwine to give you an unforgettable experience!

This year, the haunted attraction is celebrating “13 Years of Fear” with more thrills and chills than ever before. Our anniversary is a milestone that not only reflects our past achievements but also sets the stage for the most fun season yet.

New Attractions to Stir Your Nightmares

Dare to venture into our latest attractions, each meticulously designed to test your courage and leave you with memories that will haunt you long after your visit.

Nature’s Revenge:

In an ancient experimental Greenhouse, Nature takes her Revenge! Prepare for a breathtaking immersive encounter with the beautiful aspects of mother nature, but beware of her wrath…

Nature, tired of being used, limited, and synthesized; has consumed the Greenhouse and mutated into a wrathful, horrifying freak of nature. Trees talk, plants eat people, and insects are larger than you’ve ever imagined. Tread carefully, nature’s wisdom becomes deadly when she becomes conscious! The science-hungry botanist discovered that, the hard way.

If you dare to visit the Greenhouse, you may experience beauty like you’ve never seen… But is it worth your life? Think twice before journeying into NATURE’S REVENGE!

Chop Shop:

In a dilapidated and shabby one-stop-shop, horrifying cannibals await! Featuring a Butcher + Repair Shop, Junkyard, and something called The Mangler; this “General Store” was booming and thriving back in the 60’s & 70’s. Somewhere down the line, this family “business” lost its way… Now, locals call it the CHOP SHOP, which no one dares to enter! If you find yourself near the Chop Shop, you should definitely run! But, it’s probably too late… These maniacal, aggressive, and smelly cannibals are not interested in negotiating. Their only concerns are to capture and prepare their next “meal”, and to ensure that their killing tools are sharp and operational. As a final word of warning: These cannibals are BRUTAL, MERCILESS, and down-right DISGUSTING! BEWARE of THE CHOP SHOP!

Upgrades That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Dr. Death and his henchmen have been working very hard on a MAJOR UPGRADE to his iconic Nightmare Factory and the queue line! Become a part of his evil plans as you’re immersed in this eerie, industrial workshop. And don’t forget to smile for your picture!

Join us at Lake Hickory Haunts for “13 Years of Fear” and witness the evolution of terror. Whether you’re a returning fan or a brave new visitor, we promise an experience filled with heart-racing moments, bone-chilling scares, and the kind of fun that only comes from facing your fears head-on. Prepare yourself for a night you’ll never forget – where every scream, every scare, and every shiver tells the story of 13 years of unrelenting horror. See you there… if you dare.