Lake Hickory Haunts
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The Attractions

Nightmare Factory

Dr death & his evil nurses have created a serum called nr2. The fluid took the most terrifying experiences from victims & combined them into a physical slime. You will be showered by nr2 upon entry. The fast acting liquid turns fear into reality. No safe word, No escape. Horrifying hallucinations await in the nightmare factory.

Lair of the Undead

Undead souls wander endlessly in despair. They will do anything to come back to life and escape the nightmarish realm of blackness that is their eternity. You are the last chance for these evil spirits to come back to life! Will you make it through alive or become trapped in the lair of the undead?


An undead crew of pirates shipwrecked at lake hickory haunts! They blame mortals for their misfortune & have united with voodoo Doctors to loot, torture, & massacre all! Be careful, you might become the next voodoo sacrifice or be recruited by the undead for an eternity of pain.


Kluath has emerged from lake hickory set on world domination by the genocide of the human race! The beast is doing experiments in his sea laboratory with humans, sea creatures, & other monstrosities to form a mutated army destined to destroy mankind. Kluath's power can not be stopped! Become a part of Kluath's killing machine or face extinction.


Standing beyond the banks of Lake Hickory is a slaughterhouse, which was ONCE abandoned. In the early 1900’s, this slaughterhouse was utilized mostly for cattle and some chicken. Unfortunately, the slaughterhouse was closed and condemned due to modern corporations taking over the industry. However, in 2017 the slaughterhouse has reopened its chutes… With new intentions. The most brutal, horrendous, and cynical cannibals have taken shelter in the Slaughterhouse. With a monstrous madman named Leatherface on the loose, along with many other horrors; The Slaughterhouse is a sick and demented place that no human should see. The Slaughterhouse “family” possesses endless tools and torture devices they will use to kill captured humans. If you ever find yourself close enough to see the Lake Hickory Slaughterhouse… RUN!!!


Backwoods cannibals fell upon a lake hickory Haunts construction crew & captured them. The crew offered a plea bargain for their survival that changed Lake Hickory haunts forever. Now the bloodthirsty savages get the left over scrap metal from Lake Hickory haunts every year. They built a maze from that metal that victims must go through. The cannibals are on the hunt. You are the target. Survive the junkyard or be dinner.

Big Top Circus

Boss the clown brings new meaning to the term evil clown. He has one goal, turn everyone into mutated clowns by sinister science. Boss uses the circus to lure victims into his laboratory. Once in his power, boss begins the human to clone process. The terror, madness, & agony that await within are beyond compare! You thought you were afraid of clowns, not a chance.

Midway of Mayhem
  • Enjoy the Arcade + Our Signature Games: Dracula's Dizzy Darts, Escape Game, The Monster Mash, + more!
  • Boss the Clown, Lilith Cronin, Kluath, Cthulu, + more of our icons will be stalking the grounds for your horror entertainment + your blood! Try to take pictures and interact with them, if you dare!
  • Hungry? Check out our Concessions, Look for more scaretainment in the Midway such as The Fire Pits, The Monster Mart Gift Shop, A live DJ, our Frightstage, Photo Spots, + more!
  • If the Midway of Mayhem scares you, then beware the horrors in Lake Hickory Haunts!